Which painting would you like for your group?

All of our paintings have been designed to be achievable for beginners. We’ve endeavoured to offer a wide range of different colours and styles without too many straight lines and perspective. All paintings are created using acrylics; this allows us to get vibrant colour, luscious texture, and they are quick drying, which means that they won’t smear if you encounter rain on the way home. You’ll have a large paper bag to carry your painting home. We aim to finish in 2 hours, however some paintings with more layers, like the Hare & Fox, or larger groups of painters can extend to 2.5 hours.

Have a peek at the painter’s gallery to see some examples. Some paintings are simpler than others and painters typically don’t guess which they are, so I’ve added a difficulty rating: * = simplest, ** = moderate, *** = most difficult

What happens when we arrive?

You’ll arrive to the studio set up with canvasses, easels, aprons, brushes, paints, etc. and we’ll greet you with a nice glass of prosecco. The original painting that you booked will be on display. The instructor will paint along with you and demonstrate each step to ensure that you achieve a painting just like the original. Once we’ve finished and after you’ve signed your masterpiece, you’ll have a paper bag to take your painting home and we do the clean up!

We are BYOB after the first glass and unable to sell you additional alcoholic beverages. Please feel free to bring your own. We do have a selection of soft drinks available for our non-drinkers.