About us


A few years ago while visiting family and friends in my hometown Boise, Idaho, I was catching up with an old friend. We were discussing how I had rediscovered my love of painting while teaching a friend how to paint at our kitchen tables while sharing a bottle of wine.  At the suggestion of my friend, I tried out a course combining painting and drinking wine in Boise.  It was such fun, that I immediately started planning to bring it back to my home in Bath. Paint by Wine at Studio LX has been running since early 2018.    


Mazy Bartlett currently works as an art teacher at The Malmesbury School. She previously ran The Making Room for 15 years, a unique art and making facility for teaching cross-curriculum.

Mazy likes to keep up her own practice and loves the stimulation of creative activity in any format, with periods as Womad Artist, a long run as Art Town Sheriff at Camp Bestival and many and varied community arts events. Her own art crosses all disciplines, but mostly she loves helping others experience the deep soul satisfaction that comes through creating.

Click to have a peek at Mazy’s projects on Instagram: Mazy Bartlett Arts, and Bath Young Creatives.



Victoria Bone is a lifelong artist and dancer. She studied at Chelsea School of Art, London and Bath Spa University. She regularly exhibits her drawings and sculptures and runs the annual, month long, online drawing challenge ‘autoFeb.’ Victoria has taught fusion belly dance in Bristol for over 15 years and performs all over the country.

“Drawing out people’s creativity is very fulfilling and rewarding. It’s always a joy to see what they produce while having fun.”

Click to have a peek at Victoria’s projects on Instagram: Victoria Bone Artist



Fleur is a stained-glass artist, running her own studio, where she makes bespoke commission pieces.  

Studying Fine Art & Interactive Arts at university, Fleur later went on to learn and develop the techniques and skills required to produce stained glass artwork. 

Having always been being fascinated with the use of light and the play of dancing colour and illumination in and around spaces, Fleur now translates these passions into glass. She enjoys the discipline, precision and technical processes that working in glass bring. 

In contrast, it’s a wonderful freedom to have the opportunity to instruct and run Paint by Wine workshops where the emphasis is on relaxing and letting go in a fun, safe and creative atmosphere.

Click to have a peek at Fleur’s projects on her website: Fleur Stieffenhofer and instagram.


What happens when we arrive?

You’ll arrive to the studio set up with canvasses, easels, aprons, brushes, paints, etc. and we’ll greet you with a nice glass of prosecco. The original painting that you booked will be on display. The instructor will paint along with you and demonstrate each step to ensure that you achieve a painting just like the original. Once we’ve finished and after you’ve signed your masterpiece, you’ll have a paper bag to take your painting home and we do the clean up!

We are BYOB after the first glass and unable to sell you additional alcoholic beverages. Please feel free to bring your own. We do have a selection of soft drinks available for our non-drinkers.