Hellebores – A Christmas Rose

Hellebores **

The newest addition to the gallery – Hellebores also known as a Christmas Rose. These lovely flowers have been on my mind for a while, as I took a picture of them at my Mother-in-law’s some time ago and I’ve always found them quite striking. Some of our painters have requested more flowers, and flowers in a vase in the gallery, so here we are! They feature a new colour scheme and have mixed a couple of background techniques that have worked well in other gallery favourites.

Hellebores will feature in our July open workshops – click here for the booking link on SumUp.

As always, it’s painted with acrylics that dry quickly and give the painting a boost of colour and texture. This is appropriate for absolute beginners, and rated as moderate in difficulty.

Have a peek at the full gallery here. Click for the open events schedule. Click for SumUp booking. Please email directly if you have a gift voucher with the date of the open session that you’d like to attend.