More open workshops!

As our open workshops have been consistently selling out, I’ve decided to add afternoon and evening sessions each month, both on different days to hopefully accommodate your busy schedules! As before, open workshops tickets are purchased on Eventbrite. You’ll find links on the Workshops page. If you have a gift voucher, choose your desired session… Continue reading More open workshops!

Guitar – New gallery option

This Guitar is a bright, vibrant, playful painting is inspired by traditional Cuban artwork. It will engaging to paint in groups as this painting, in particular, will allow painters to showcase their own style and make it their own. There’s a lot of room to play and exaggerate, or smooth and tighten. As always, it’s… Continue reading Guitar – New gallery option


Sunflowers – a lovely, bright, playful flower, but with a somewhat muted background. This was a special request from a group of ladies that were really keen to paint some sunflowers in their event. As always, it’s painted with acrylics that dry quickly and give the painting a boost of colour and texture. This is… Continue reading Sunflowers

Meadow Flowers

Another gorgeous addition to the Painter’s Gallery from this past weekend! Most people walk through the studio door with the expectation that they won’t be able to complete anything near the original that they’ve chosen. These people are always surprised at what they achieve with instruction, a bit of encouragement, and a bit of wine.… Continue reading Meadow Flowers

Fluffy chicken

Prepare your funky chicken jokes! A few of our painters have chickens & have requested a fun, fluffy chicken to paint, so here we are! It’s punchy, but with a limited palette of coral, grey & a pop of light blue. Just like in our popular flamingo painting, this has very satisfying, fast feathers. If… Continue reading Fluffy chicken


Here’s a wacky, chunky walrus to continue the sea mammal theme. He’s a friendly guy, in muted beiges, peach and browns. I barely resisted putting a top hat on. As always, he’s appropriate for complete beginners. Several new paintings in the hopper, so my fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to paint and post… Continue reading Walrus

Curious seal

A curious, little harbour seal features in this newest addition to the gallery. I’ve had requests for more sea scenes, but I couldn’t resist adding just a little extra. As with all of our paintings, this is appropriate for complete beginners. I have several more paintings planned and now that school is back in session,… Continue reading Curious seal

Mini Workshops

Sometimes open workshop dates don’t suit and you’re only in town for a limited time, so we’re trialing mini private workshops for 2 people. All the fun of our other workshops, but £100 for 2 painters. You’ll arrive to a room set up with canvasses, easels, aprons, brushes, paints and water and we’ll greet you… Continue reading Mini Workshops