Meet Sarah

A few years ago while visiting family and friends in my hometown Boise, Idaho, I was catching up with an old friend. We were discussing how I had rediscovered my love of painting while teaching a friend how to paint at our kitchen tables while sharing a bottle of wine.  At the suggestion of my friend, I tried out a course combining painting and drinking wine in Boise.  It was such fun, that I immediately started planning to bring it back to my home in Bath. That’s how Paint by Wine at Studio LX was born in 2018.        

At the moment, I’m working on a new project to recycle used canvasses. At the end of each Paint by Wine workshop, I have an additional copy of the original painting. During lockdown I’ve been playing with oil paints and painting over them. You can see a few on the wall as they’re hanging on display in the studio. Soon, I’ll put on a small online exhibition on the previous site studiolx.co.uk.